Privacy Policy

Ciel Tourist Company Ltd (Our company below) we recognize that it is important to properly protect your personal information, we are working as follows :

  1. Personal information collection, use and provision :

    When collecting your personal information we will clarify its purpose of use, we will only use it when the necessary of our business. We will not disclose/provide any personal information to third parties without pre approval of customers. Also as the company conducts business, when providing your personal information to outsourcing parties, we oblige business consignees to protect personal information, we will manage to handle personal information appropriately

  2. Security measure for personal information:

    Risks to customer`s personal information against (unauthorized access to personal information, loss, destruction, falsification of personal information) , take reasonable measures, we will ensure an appropriate safety management system.

  3. Compliance with laws and regulations concerning personal information :

    We are constantly conscious of laws and norms concerning personal information including personal information protection law, we will comply with its contents.

  4. Ongoing improvement on protection of personal information :

    Protection and handling of personal information about us, we will strive to continually advance and improve.

  5. more information :

    Otaiya bld 5F3-10-26 kanda ogawamachi chiyoda-ku kanda Tokyo 101-0052