Returnee airport transfer service Hire arrangement (Narita airport transfer, Haneda airport transfer


Infection control vehicle, airport transfer hire special rate! Long distance with especially cheap! !! !!
The lowest price is about 10,500 yen from Haneda Airport and Kansai Airport

◆ Some designated countries / regions related to border strengthening measures ◆ (Valid as of 3/25)
<Country waiting for accommodation for 6 days>
<Country waiting for accommodation for 3 days>
Iran, Indonesia, Egypt, South Korea, Saudi Arabia, Sri Lanka, Turkey, Pakistan, Vietnam, all over Russia

★ Free cancellation if positive when leaving the accommodation! !!

[Ciel tourist hire arrangement special fee] * We also take thorough measures against infectious diseases of crew members.
We can arrange for hire from the airport to your home or office according to your request.
We can also arrange a hire from your home (company) to the airport, so please feel free to contact us!

★ Reverse course can be arranged at the same price
* The following example charges apply. Taxes, refueling, and highway charges are all included! !!
* There are no late-night or early-morning charges.
* Cheap quotes are available for short distances.
* If the free waiting time exceeds 120 minutes, we will consult with you.
* We also accept hire arrangements for 5 or more people.
* We can arrange and pick up bus for group (up to 60 people), so please contact us.
We also offer a great set plan for airport transfers + the night before and the night after.

*Reservation flow
1. Reservation / inquiry using the application form
2. Reply from our staff, price information
3. Confirmation of presentation of user information and sending of invoice after formal request
4. After confirming payment, send a confirmation of reservation details on the day of use
5. The designated address at the time of booking and the airport terminal


Q1. Are the prices in the table excluding tax? Will the highway fee and gasoline fee be charged separately?
A1. All displayed charges include tax, highway charges, gasoline charges, and late-night and early-morning charges.

Q2. I am quarantining a facility designated by the government. Is it possible to use it from the quarantined hotel to my home?
A2. It is possible to use not only from the airport but also from isolated hotels.

Q3.6 I have a child under 3 years old. Is it possible to rent a child seat?
A3. It can be rented for 1,000 yen / unit.

Q4. What should I do if I am returning from overseas and do not have a Japanese mobile phone?
A4. If you do not have a Japanese mobile phone, you can communicate directly with the driver by email on the day of the event.
In some cases, it is possible to exchange what ’s up.

Q5. What happens if the PCR test is positive when leaving my country or on the day of returning to Japan (entry)?
A5. By presenting a positive certificate, the schedule change fee will be a flat rate of 3,000 yen.

Q6. I would like to request a hire, but it is expected that immigration procedures will take some time.
How long can I wait for free?
A6. Waiting for 2 hours is free. After 2 hours, we will accept it for 500 yen / hour.

◆Strengthening quarantine during the state of emergency

All those who enter Japan from overseas are required to submit an "inspection certificate within 72 hours before departure" to the quarantine station, regardless of nationality. If not, they will wait at the accommodation designated by the country. They are also required to “Pledge letter” to refrain from using public transportation for 14 days, waiting at home, saving location information, introducing contact confirmation application, etc.
If you violate your pledge, you may be subject to suspension under the Quarantine Act.
(1) For Japanese people, information such as names and information that helps prevent the spread of infection can be published.
(2) For holders of status of residence, information such as name, nationality, and information that helps prevent the spread of infection can be published.
Please note that you may be subject to immigration revocation procedures and deportation procedures based on the provisions of the Immigration Control and Refugee Recognition Act.
If you do not submit the pledge, you will be required to wait 14 days at the facility designated by the quarantine station director.

In addition, the correspondence may differ as follows.

【Hire arrangement service of Ciel Tourist】

For those who cannot use public transportation for 14 days after returning to Japan due to the above-mentioned measures taken by the Japanese government at the border. We have newly started a rental car drop-off agency reservation service from the nearest service office with airport to the service office near your home.
It is recommended for those who "have a distance from the airport to their home and the budget is over if they are hire by themself"!

The reference fee as follows (All charges include drop-off charge / charge per vehicle) * Refueling fee and highway fee are not included.
[Narita Airport]
・ Near Shinjuku Station: 12,540 yen ~  (5-seater car)
・ Near Yokohama Station: 14,300 yen ~ (5-seater car)
・ Near Shizuoka Station, 28,380 yen ~  (5-seater car)
・ Near Fukushima Station: 31,900 yen ~  (5-seater car)
・ Near Sendai Station, 36,300 yen ~  (5-seater car)

【Kansai airport】
・ Near Nara Station: 12,430 yen ~  (Light car)
・ Kyoto station area 14,190 yen ~  (Light car)
・ Near Kanazawa Station 34,430 yen ~  (Light car)

In addition, we accept a wide range of requests and quotations from Haneda Airport, Chubu International Airport, Fukuoka Airport, etc.
We continue to accept requests for hire arrangements from the airport as well as rental cars.
In addition, we also offer plans that are more advantageous than the reference price only for those who have applied for a visa agency or requested an airline ticket with us. Please feel free to contact us! !!

* The above amount + our arrangement service fee (2,200 yen) will be collected

Rail / hire transportation planning (limited to Tokyo's 23 districts)

It is a plan to send to the destination (home or accommodation in the 23 districts of Tokyo, etc.) using Keisei Skyliner and hire for overseas returnees and immigrants.
◇Terms of use:
Those who had a "negative" quarantine test (antigen test or PCR test) at the time of entry or only for those who enter from areas not subject to quarantine test (antigen test or PCR test)

This plan uses Keisei Skyliner riding dedicated car and a hired car operated by Keisei group. (Minimum number of participants is 1 person) (Up to 2 people per hire)

                  ②KEISEI SMART ACCESS

  ・Take a Skyliner from Narita Airport Station or Airport Terminal 2 Station to Keisei Ueno Station
  ・Take a hire ride from Keisei Ueno Station to your destination (customer-designated location in the 23 districts of Tokyo)

                      ②KEISEI SMART ACCESS
  ・Take a Skyliner from Narita Airport Station or Airport Terminal 2 Station to Keisei Ueno Station
  ・Parking service ticket for Keisei Ueno Station parking lot (up to 1 hour)

*From the Keisei Ueno Station parking lot, you need to use a shuttle car arranged by yourself.

                 ②KEISEI SMART ACCESS                          4,500yen
* We will collect the above amount + our arrangement fee (2,200 yen)

Target vehicle
Skyliner No. 8 will be a dedicated vehicle of Skyliner No.8 to No.64
  ※Weekdays, Saturdays and holidays
  ※Up train only
  ※The final Skyliner No. 60 for the hire plan will depart from Narita Airport at 18:20 (18:19 on holidays).