Towards a "safe and secure" Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games.


Important notice about Olympic Games tickets

In light of the prospect that a decision of the government on a state for 12 July and onward of the Stronger Measures to Prevent Infection currently in effect until 11 July will be made in the near future, Tokyo 2020 Organising Committee has decided to postpone the result announcement of lottery for Olympic Games tickets to implement the spectator capacity limit from the date notified earlier. 

The "My Ticket" page on the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 Official Ticket Website is unavailable between 10:00 a.m. on Thursday, 1 July and early morning on Saturday, 10 July 2021 (JST) 

For those who purchased Tokyo 2020 Games ticket,
We would like to extend our sincere apologies for concerns and inconvenience caused by details of ticket handling having been unable to be announced until now, due to the postponement of Tokyo 2020 Games and the decision of spectator capacity limit being postponed to June, both affected by the COVID-19 infection.

Upon announcement of the upper limit of spectators being “up to 50% of venue capacity and not more than 10,000 spectators”, for those sessions which would be attended by spectators in excess of such limit, the lottery on tickets owned to implement the spectator capacity limit will be conducted.

This information is about ticket handling following the announcement of the upper limit of spectators. Please take time to read them carefully.

The details are available at Tokyo 2020 Official Website and other communication channels as well as Tokyo 2020 Official Ticket Website.
■Lottery on tickets owned to implement venue spectator capacity limit
■Change in method of issuance of ticket
■Refund opportunity
■Coronavirus Disease 2019 Infection (COVID-19) Prevention Guideline for ticket holders
■Amendment of Tokyo 2020 Terms and Conditions of Ticket Purchase and Use

*We have been receiving a number of enquiries around Tokyo 2020 Official Ticket Website sign-in process. Even if your email address is no longer in use due to reasons such as mobile phone upgrade, you can still use it as your TOKYO 2020 ID. The password is at least 9 characters and contains uppercase letters, lowercase letters and numbers. Please try again before making enquiries.

Detail of Lottery on Tickets Owned to Implement Venue Spectator Capacity Upper Limit

Lottery on tickets owned to implement venue spectator capacity limit
Upon announcement of the upper limit of spectators being “up to 50% of venue capacity and not more than 10,000 spectators”, for those sessions which would be attended by spectators in excess of such limit, the lottery on tickets owned to implement the spectator capacity limit will be conducted.

Announcement of Lottery Result:
Early morning on Tuesday, 6 July 2021 Saturday, 10 July 2021

For ticketholders of those sessions which we know you had been looking forward to spectating, we express our sincere apologies. We respectfully ask for your understanding of such measures which we believe would be critical for staging the safe and secure Games.
*Please refer to the official website for the sessions the lottery will be conducted.
*Please visit “My Ticket” in the Tokyo 2020 Official Ticket Website to see the result of the lottery.

For those ticketholders with whom we are no longer able to provide an opportunity to spectate the session as a result of the lottery, a refund will be provided.
For the tickets stated as "Invalid", the refund will automatically be processed and therefore you do not need to apply for refund during the refund application period (Tuesday, 6 July at early morning to 11:59 a.m. on Thursday, 15 July). We will send an email about the details of the refund process and method to your registered email address after the Games.

Change in method of issuance of ticket
A type of ticket to be issued will be the “home print ticket” in a pdf file format only, as such reasonable period of time until the Games time that would otherwise be required for postal delivery of tickets in paper form will not be secured following the recent announcement of spectator capacity limit. Your understanding will be much appreciated.

From Tuesday, 6 Saturday 10 July 2021 at early morning, home print tickets will be made available for downloading in “My Ticket” on the Tokyo 2020 Official Ticket Website. Download the pdf file, print it at home or other suitable place in advance and bring it to the venue.

For those who have valid tickets and selected paper ticket upon purchase, paper tickets will be sent by Japan Post simplified registration service (Kanni Kakitome) after the Games. Details will be provided separately to applicable ticket purchasers.

Refund opportunity
In light of the change in ticket handling this time and introduction of the COVID-19 countermeasures, for those ticket purchasers good for spectating (those shown as “valid”) who wish to have their tickets refunded, another opportunity for refund will be provided within a period as described below.

Refund Application Period:
Early Morning on Tuesday, 6 July 2021 to 11:59 a.m. on Thursday, 15 July 2021
Early Morning on Saturday, 10 July 2021 to 11:59 a.m. on Tuesday, 20 July 2021

This refund opportunity can be used by those ticketholders who are now unable or do not wish any more to spectate the session.

The official resale service, though planned before, will not be implemented. Those ticket purchasers who have considered using the official resale service are encouraged to use the refund opportunity this time.

Please be reminded that there is no plan for further voluntary refund or an official ticket resale service.

For visitors to Tokyo 2020 venues with ticket
“Coronavirus Disease 2019 Infection (COVID-19) Prevention Guideline for Ticket Holders” has now been put in place for visitors to Tokyo 2020 venues with ticket. The guideline is available at the official ticket website and other communication channels, so please take time to read it thorough if you plan to spectate the Games at the venue.

We believe that safe and secure Tokyo 2020 Games can be achieved with visiting and spectating the Games in compliance with the rules by each of you. Your understanding and cooperation are cordially requested to ensure the safe and enjoyable Games for everyone.

The contents of “Coronavirus Disease 2019 Infection (COVID-19) Prevention Guideline for Ticket Holders” are deemed to constitute the rules to be complied with pursuant to “Tokyo 2020 Terms and Conditions of Ticket Purchase and Use”. Failure to comply may result in refusal of entry and enforceable request to leave the venue.

Please comply with the items described in the Guideline when route to and when leaving, and inside and in the proximity of, the venue. Please refer to the Guideline for details.

Amendment of Tokyo 2020 Terms and Conditions of Ticket Purchase and Use
To reflect certain developments including those described above, Tokyo 2020 Terms and Conditions of Ticket Purchase and Use will be amended. For those ticketholders who plan on spectate the Games, we strongly encourage you to check the amendment which will be explained in Tokyo 2020 Official Ticket Site in due course.

▼ Please beware of unauthorised ticket websites and persons or companies fraudulently claiming to be associated with the Tokyo 2020 Games.

There is an increasing number of fraudulent websites such as phishing sites where users are directed by clicking on links in fraudulent emails, social media accounts, and banner ads.

We recommend that when you visit the Tokyo 2020 Official Ticket Website, you access it via the link on the Tokyo 2020 Official Website, and/or that add the Tokyo 2020 Official Ticket Website to your bookmarks/favourites.



Olympic Torch in Kanagawa: The nature and city lights

The Olympic flame is currently in Kanagawa Prefecture, famed for its blend of nature and city lights. Here's everything you need to know about the towns and some of the Torchbearers on the latest stage of the Olympic Torch Relay...

Just a hop, skip and a jump away from Tokyo is the bustling yet calm Kanagawa Pefecture.

From the waterfront port of Yokohama with it's skyscrapers to the beaches and temples in Kamakura, it's obvious why Kanagawa is a popular destination amongst both locals and tourists.

The Olympic Torch Relay will not be held on public roads in Kanagawa Prefecture with Celebration events held instead. Thankfully each torchbearer will pass the Olympic flame to the next torchbearer at a “torch kiss” point at three selected Celebration venues.

Here’s everything you need to know about its journey through the latest stage of the Olympic Torch Relay.

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WATCH: Olympic Torch Relay livestream

Where is the Olympic Torch going?

Fujisawa, 28 June
Not far from Enoshima, which will play host to sailing during the Olympic Games, lies Kandai Park where the celebration ceremony will take place. Fujisawa City is know for it's rich nature, it the summer the blue seas surrounding Enoshima come to life while spring sees the city adorned in wisteria flowers.The city was one of the 53 stages along the Tokaido Road, which connected Kyoto to Edo (now modern day Tokyo).

Sagamihara, 29 June
At the foothills of a number of mountains in the Kanagawa region lies Sagamihara City. The city is an adventure-seekers dream location with much on offer including camping and hiking. But if you want to kick up your feet, Sagamihara also has an abundance of onsens to choose from.

Yokohama, 30 June
Japan's second largest city will play host on the final day of the torch relay in Kanagawa Prefecture. Yokohama is known as having one of the world's largest Chinatowns, which isn't far from the bustling bay area. This will be the backdrop for the lightning ceremony at the Red Brick Warehouse, which played an important part when Japan opened to world trading. Yokohama will also host both football, softball and baseball matches during the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020.

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Up to 10,000 spectators allowed for each sporting event at the Olympic Games

Spectator limit for the Olympic Games has been set at 50% of venue capacity, up to a maximum of 10,000 people; decision on the Paralympic Games will be made by 16 July 2021.

Residents of Japan will be allowed to attend the Olympic Games this summer.

During a meeting held between the five parties earlier today, the IOC, IPC, Tokyo 2020, Tokyo Metropolitan Government and the Government of Japan agreed for the spectator limit for the Olympic Games to be set at "50 per cent of venue capacity, up to a maximum of 10,000 people" at all venues, taking into consideration the government's restrictions on public events.
The IOC and IPC were informed about and support the policies the three Japanese parties have decided on.
The key decisions were as follows:

* The current competition schedule remains unchanged. In principle, spectators will be admitted to events subject to the above limits.
* Students in the schools’ spectator programme and their supervisors will not be considered in these limits and will be treated separately, as they are not spectators.
* In the event that a state of emergency or other priority measures aimed at preventing infection are implemented at any time after 12 July 2021, restrictions on the number of spectators at the Games, including non-spectator competitions, will be based on the content of the state of emergency or other relevant measures in force at that time.
* In the event of any rapid change in infection status and in the capacity of the medical care system, a five party meeting will be held promptly to consider further measures.
* The Japanese parties have formulated guidelines for spectators aimed at ensuring safe and secure environments. These stipulate that masks should be worn in venues at all times; speaking in a loud voice or shouting will be prohibited; congestion should be avoided by means of appropriate announcements; and visitors should leave venues in a staggered manner. Spectators will be requested to travel directly to venues and return home directly, and to take all necessary precautions when moving between prefectures.
* Given the COVID-19 situation, the Japanese parties intend to look into either cancelling or reducing the scale of any live sites and public viewing events to minimise the movement of people, review any other Games-related events, and establish new safe and secure ways of cheering and supporting the athletes.
* A framework will be implemented to keep monitoring the status of infections and medical care using expert advice.
* The equivalent policies governing the Paralympic Games will be decided by 16 July 2021, a week before the opening of the Olympic Games.

In order to conduct safe and secure Games for the whole of Japan, there will be strong coordination and cooperation with local governments to ensure the above guidelines are followed.

The situation will be monitored in Japan and abroad, including the status of the different variants of the coronavirus, and all necessary action will be taken promptly. Vaccination of those involved with the Games will continue, and the vaccination status will be further updated.
There are 32 days to go until the Olympic Games and 64 days to go until the Paralympic Games, and the five parties will continue to work together to ensure safe and secure Games for all.


Tokyo 2020 Playbooks
The Playbooks are the basis of our collective game plan to ensure that all Olympic and Paralympic Games participants and the people of Tokyo and Japan are safe and healthy this summer. 

They outline the responsibilities of all Games participants and the rules that must be followed – starting 14 days before travel as well as entry to Japan, throughout the Games, and departing. Each and every one of us plays an integral role in ensuring that these Games are safe and successful for all, and we encourage you to lead by example, following these rules, in your day-to-day activities.

The Playbooks have been developed jointly by the International Olympic Committee, the International Paralympic Committee and the Tokyo 2020 Organising Committee. They are based on the extensive work of the All Partners Task Force, which also includes the World Health Organization, Government of Japan, Tokyo Metropolitan Government, independent experts and organisations from across the world. And, we will continue to work together, updating the Playbooks in April 2021, when more information is available.

(Quote sourse)

In order to support the success of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games, which was postponed for one year, Japan, Tokyo, the International Olympic Committee (IOC), and the International Paralympic Committee (IPC) are preparing.

There are still issues that require us to organize countermeasures and formulate concrete plans because the new coronavirus infection is not over worldwide
We will notify you on this page when necessary.

Coalition of Summer Olympic Games Organizations Confirms Maximum Support for Success of Tokyo Olympics

The ASOIF (Association of Summer Olympic International Federations) held a general meeting and confirmed that THEY will continue to provide maximum support to ensure the safety and success of the Tokyo Olympics.

The Australian national softball team is set to arrive in Japan next week to hold a Pre-Olympic training camp in Gunma Prefecture.

The Australian softball team arrived at Narita Airport on the morning of January 1 for a pre-Olympic training camp for the Tokyo Olympics. This is the first athletes who have arrived from overseas for a pre-Olympic training camp since the Tokyo Games were postponed.  And Ota city, Gunma Prefecture, where the athletes will stay, will support a month-and-a-half-long training camp while taking thorough measures to prevent infection.

The Australian softball team will hold a pre-tournament training camp in host city of Ota, Gunma Prefecture, until July 17, before the Tokyo Games.

U.S. White House understands "public health priority" for Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics

The Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics were the subject of a series of questions at a White House press conference in the United States.
The deputy spokesman reiterated the Japanese government's understanding that public health is at the center of its priorities for hosting the Games.

Deputy spokesman Jean-Pierre said, "The Japanese government has promised to keep in close contact with the US side.
We sincerely trust what the Japanese government has explained to us," he said.
He reiterated the Japanese government's understanding that public health is at the center of its priorities for the conference.

Preparing for the Olympics: "Steady progress

Chief Cabinet Secretary Katsunobu Kato said at a press conference on April 26 that the U.S.
will maintain its policy of sending U.S. athletes to the Tokyo Olympics.

 He stressed that "there is no change in the U.S. position to support the Japanese government's determination to hold the Games.
As for the U.S. State Department's recommendation to suspend travel to Japan, he reiterated,
"I have been told that it is not related to the dispatch of the U.S. delegation.

Vaccinations for the Tokyo Olympic Team Accelerate

It takes 2 months until the opening of the Tokyo Olympics (July 23th).
While the new coronavirus infection is not yet under control.
Vaccination of athletes and coaches from various countries and regions has been accelerated.

The IOC and other organizations are promoting the vaccination of athletes, coaches, and other participants.
So far, vaccines from pharmaceutical giant Pfizer and other companies have been provided free of charge through national and regional Olympic committees.
In addition, An organization of North and South American Olympic committees have secured vaccines for 6,000 people that can be administered in a single dose and are ready to be administered at airports in the United States.

About holding the Tokyo Olympics

The Tokyo Olympics will be held from July 23rd (Friday) to August 8th (Sunday), 2021.
There are 43 competition venues, and each venue can accommodate about 3,000 to 72,000 people.
The opening ceremony will happen on July 23 (Friday). The closing ceremony is going to be on Sunday, August 8th.

Prior to the opening ceremony, baseball / softball competitions and soccer competitions will start on Wednesday, July 21st.
Regarding the Tokyo Olympics, Prime Minister Suga shall prevent the public from coming into contact with athletes and people involved in the Games.
He says he believes that it can be held in a safe manner by implementing thorough anti-virus measures.
Mr Bach, Presedent of the International Olympic Committee, is expected that currently has about 75% of the athletes and tournament officials in the Olympic Village, attend the tournament after getting the new coronavirus vaccine.
In addition, Bach said his organization has offered the Tokyo organizing committee "additional medical personnel" to assist with operations and implementation of COVID-19 countermeasures at the athletes' village and venues. 

About measures against new coronavirus infectious diseases

About measures related to immigration of athletes and tournament officials ect.

1. Object:

Cases in which athletes, etc. and related parties entry Japan to participate in related events (including training camps) that are not possible for the actual performance of the Tokyo Association and the holding of the Tokyo Association.

2. Counter-measure

(1) Basic ideas:

When athletes and other people involved in the association carry out activities in Japan after entering the country, we will ensure safe and secure management of the association and at the same time. Strict behavioral management, health management, such as limiting accommodation and travel options, to enable athletes to perform at their best.
In addition to pre-departure inspections and entry inspections, we will take necessary epidemic prevention measures such as regular inspections.
In particular, take measures to strictly avoid contact with domestic residents.

(2) Epidemic prevention measures

① Before departure
- Take the test twice before departure (within 96 hours). (The quarantine person submits a negative proof before departure (within 72 hours) at the time of entry examination)
- Request for submission of health monitoring for 14 days before entry

② At the time of entry
Taking an inspection at the airport

③ After entry 14 days
All athletes, etc. and members of the association will carry out daily inspections for three days after entry

a) Athletes:
- In principle, athletes, etc. will carry out daily inspections
- The entry village to the selected village shall be from 5 days before the start of the competition, and will be removed by 2 days after the end of the competition.
- As a general rule, business destination is limited to accommodation facilities, practice venues, and competition venues, and behavior management and health management are performed, and practice from the beginning of the entry is permitted.
- Participation in the match is permitted provided that a negative test is confirmed on the third day after entry.

b) People involved in the Games:
i. As a general rule, wait at the accommodation for 14 days after entry.

ii. If you do not start the activity within 14 days after entry. if there is a problem with the operation of the Games, after waiting for 3 days and negative test is confirmed on 3 days, do not contact with a domestic resident
- Limit the place of business to the area described in the activity plan at Japan, and perform behavioral management and health management.
- Limited to activities that avoid contact with people from different countries or domestic residents under the supervision of the person in charge of acceptance.
- Activities after the 4th day of entry are permitted provided that public transportation is not used. Inspections will be conducted as often as necessary after the 4th day of entry, and will be conducted on the 14th day of the month.

iii. If you do not start the activity within 3 days after entering the country, there will be a problem with the operation of the Games
- Under the strict supervision of the recipient, wait in the room immediately after entering the country, provided that the activities are limited to activities that avoid contact with people from different countries or residents in Japan.
- Inspections will be conducted as often as necessary after the 4th day of entry, and will be conducted on the 14th day of the month.

(3)  Guarantee of effectiveness
- Management by the person in charge of acceptance
- Pre-submission of pledge and activity plan in Japan
- Measures in case of breach of pledge (waiting measures for 14 days, deprivation of acreditation, etc.)