Transfer service and charter bus service for passengers arriving in Japan for Tokyo Olympics


Currently, Japan has immigration restrictions due to the effects of the new coronavirus infection. Therefore, after arriving in Japan, All passengers are not allowed to use public transportations for 2 weeks. So we can provide  a safe and comfortable private car from the airport to accommodation for quarantine or charter bus service.
We provide the vehicle with the following health & safety commitment
- We use an alcohol disinfection to clean our vehicle regularly
- We provide hand sanitizers, so feel free to use it
- Our driver will be wearing face mask, taking gloves

* Private car for airport transfer on Olympic period (1-4 persons up)
* Payment Methods: Bank transfer, Credit card.

Airport Destination Fare (Tax included)
Narita Airport Tokyo metropolitan area 48,000yen
  Chiba prefecture 30,000yen
  Kanagawa prefecture 50,000yen
  Saitama prefecture 50,000yen
  Ibaraki prefecture 70,000yen
  Shizuoka prefecture 78,000yen
  Fukushima prefecture 78,000yen
  Miyagi prefecture 95,000yen
Haneda Airport Tokyo metropolitan area 20,000yen
  Chiba prefecture 45,000yen
  Kanagawa prefecture 40,000yen
  Saitama prefecture 40,000yen
  Ibaraki prefecture 78,000yen
  Shizuoka prefecture 78,000yen
  Fukushima prefecture 78,000yen
  Miyagi prefecture 95,000yen
Chubu Airport Tokyo metropolitan area 78,000yen
  Chiba prefecture 90,000yen
  Kanagawa prefecture 60,000yen
  Saitama prefecture 70,000yen
  Ibaraki prefecture 80,000yen
  Shizuoka prefecture 46,000yen
  Fukushima prefecture 88,000yen
  Miyagi prefecture 115,000yen
Kansai Airport Tokyo metropolitan area 128,000yen
  Chiba prefecture 138,000yen
  Kanagawa prefecture 118,000yen
  Saitama prefecture 138,000yen
  Ibaraki prefecture 150,000yen
  Shizuoka prefecture 118,000yen
  Fukushima prefecture 158,000yen
  Miyagi prefecture 198,000yen