The ease of foreigner immigration restrictions by the Chinese government ★update on 12/25


We would like to inform that the Chinese government has newly notified about the ease of foreigner immigration restrictions as below.

[About the application period for heath code]

There is an application deadline for the health code, so please comply with the deadline.

Avoid cases the health code is not given and boarding is hindered because the application is made in a situation where there is not enough time such as midnight or check-in site.

For more details, please refer the link of the Embassy of Japan in China.
About the application period for heath code

[We start operating business track (Chinese measures are called Fast track) and residence track with China (excluding Hong Kong and Macau) from 30 November 2020.]

・The object persons for business track and residence track from China to Japan on this time is as follows
[Business track]
1)Temporary visitor (for commercial purposes only) and holders of specific status of residence certification (business/ management, intra-company transferee, Engineer/ Specialist in Humanities/ International services, 
Care worker, highly skilled professional, technical intern training, specified skilled worker, designated activities, professor, art, religious activities, journalist, legal/ accounting services, medical services, researcher, instructor, entertainer, skilled labor, trainee)

There is no restriction on the re-entry of foreigners who have a status of residence depending on their status of residence.

2)Those who live in Japan or China and who use plane  between Japan and China (directly flights or transit through a third country without entry permit at that country to entering Japan)

[Residence track]
1)Temporary visitor (for commercial purposes only) and holder of certificate of Eligibility (excluding status of residence “diplomat”, “official”, “spouse or child of permanent resident”, and “spouse or child of Japanese national”

2)Those who live in Japan or China and who use air flights between Japan and China

The object persons of fast track from Japan to China is those who certainly need to travel to China because of their family and travel to China in various fields such as economic trade, science and technology, culture, instructor and sport.

For those who are eligible for general immigration procedures, please refer the website of the Chinese Visa Application Service Center.

For more details and necessary steps, please refer the link of the Ministry of Foreigner Affairs below.

[Latest: Notice to passengers traveling from Japan to China “a health code” is required for boarding.]

From December 1, 2020 (including that day), Chinese and foreigner passengers traveling from Japan to China must be within 2 days before boarding (starting from the date of sample collection) are necessary to obtain a double negative certificate by 

Performing a new corona virus  PCR test negative certificate and a serum-specific IgM antibody test (hereinafter referred to as antibody test). Then, apply for a green health code with the “HS” or “HDC” mark from the Chinese embassy or Consulate in Japan with a double negative certificate, and board the flight within the valid period or the code. Pleased to note that the conventional boarding method based on negative certificate will not work after December 1st (including that day).

For more details, please refer the link of the Embassy of Japan in China below.

[About quarantine measures after entering Shanghai]

Shanghai city conduct uniformly Nucleic acid test and 14 days isolation health observation with all people who come to Shanghai from abroad and enter the border.
Furthermore, It has been announced that conditional “7days of centralized isolation + 7days of home isolation” will be implemented after July 27th.

In addition, please note that the object person will be required to bear the cost when quarantining at the designated facility.

If you have already stayed in China for a certain period of time or more and want to stay in Shanghai due to domestic travel such as business trip not subject to uniform quarantine, but at many accommodations in Shanghai has been confirmed that the Shanghai City Health QR code (Zuishin) is green code. You may have trouble if you can not show the QR code, you may not be able to stay. Please be sure to check the details with your accommodations before departure.

For travellers who have entered Shanghai from outside of China and are destined for Jiangsu, Zhejiang, and Anhui (hereinafter referred to as the three provinces), if you meet transfer requirements on the 4th day after being quarantined in Shanghai for 3 days, specialized staff and private vehicles arranged by the three provinces will be transferred from the quarantine to the three province destinations. It will continue to be centrally quarantined for 11days. Please check here for more details.

*Issuance of invitations is currently becoming stricter.
*We are available to apply for Chinese visa on your behalf.

Due to the influence of the new Corona virus, immigration without a visa has been suspended from 28th march 2020.

Currently, only the following 3 visa types can be applied for.

1-Commercial primary 90 days visa (M)

2-Working visa (Z)

3-Chinese relatives visit (Q) 1st 90 days/ 180 days/ Foreigner relatives visit (1st 90 days/ 180 days for S1 and S2)

“Visa center is far away” “You can not go to apply on weekdays” etc…

If you have any problems applying for a Chinese visa, we can apply for you on your behalf.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or inquires regarding quotations.

【Flight Information】

★ANA (Nippon Air Lines)
NH919 NARITA/PUDONG 09:30/11:40
NH920 PUDONG/NARITA 13:05/16:55
Flight Date:Operation on Sun

NH927 NARITA/QINGDAO 18:25/21:05
NH928 QINGDAO/NARITA 08:45/12:45
Flight Date:Operation on Wed

NH933 NARITA/GUANGZHOU 17:20/21:50
NH934 GUANGZHOU/NARITA 09:35/14:35
Flight Date:Operation on Wed

NH931 NARITA/SHENZHEN 08:55/13:05
NH932 SHENZHEN/NARITA 14:35/19:25
Flight Date:Operation on Mon

★JAL(Japan Airlines)
JL829 NARITA/DALIAN 09:35/11:45
JL820 DALIAN/NARITA 13:00/16:50
Flight Date:Operation on Tue,Wed,Thu,Fri

JL087 NARITA/GUANGZHOU 08:40/12:30
JL088 GUANGZHOU/NARITA 14:30/19:55
Flight Date:Operation on Fri

If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us.