Malaysia visa application proxy service (urgent consultation possible) * February 2022 appl


Malaysia visa application representative service (urgent consultation possible)
* Wednesday July 27th 2022 application frame available

Returnee airport transfer service Hire arrangement (Narita airport transfer, Haneda airport transfer, Kansai airport transfer) ★ No late night / early morning charges ★

★Currently, Malaysian visa applications are only available at the Tokyo Embassy. * Advance reservation required

Advance reservations for the Malaysian Embassy usually take about 3-4 months.
Please contact us in case of an emergency.

 Southeast Asian countries are strengthening immigration quarantine due to the influence of the new coronavirus.
In addition, visa application is also restricted, so we will send you information on Indian visa and Malaysia visa.
The information of other countries will be added one by one.

We will provide the latest information that is from the websites of the Embassy of Japan in Malaysia and the Embassy of Malaysia in Japan.

The Malaysian Investment Development Authority (MIDA) started operation of "Safe Travel Portal" that will provide information to facilitate the entry of business people from March 3rd.
Both short-term (stay of 14 days or less) and long-term (stay of 14 days or more) are required prior application from the Safe Travel website from March 3rd.
You need to apply at least 14 days before your departure for short-term business trips.

For details, please check the website of the Malaysian Embassy in Japan.

Documents Required for Malaysia Visa application.

Due to the influence of the new coronavirus infection, application conditions, application procedures, required documents, etc. have changed.
Please refer to the summary below.

[Basic documents]

1. Visa application forms x 2 * Double-sided printing (download here)

2. Original passport / copy x 1

3. ID photos (length 5.0 cm x width 3.5 cm) x 2

4. Original or copy of Approval of Pass Application x 1
* Apply online to the Malaysian Immigration Bureau Expatriate Committee through your local host
Please apply to the Malaysian Embassy in Tokyo.

5. Original/ copy of Entry Approval Letter x 1
* Apply to the Malaysian Immigration Bureau Director through the local host.
Please apply to the Malaysian Embassy in Tokyo.

6. Visa with Reference Letter (VDR)PDF Copy2pages

7. Copy of E-ticket customer
* Written in English

10,000 yen (Only bring to the embassy)
15,000 yen (Application form included)

 [Required acquisition days]
About 1 week.